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Holding the patience for you until you can hold it for yourself

Hi you looking for a therapist? Are you  in broken relationship, or not in a relationship but want to be, have terrible self-esteem, in dead end job, you feel like life is just plan hard to get through, or maybe drink and use illegal substances. Above all else you are looking for peace of mind. You are the kind of person that would like to change their lives in a big way and just need a call to action and someone to help. You would like to see yourself as the envy of all your friends and family with the awesome life you have.

You are ready to hear the truth from your therapist because you want to change. You want to work towards solutions to the issues in your life. You would like someone who can help make a solid plan with you for this change in your life; that also can go at your own pace using solution focus therapy and other person focus methods. 

Are seeking therapy from the comfort of your own home after work? I am able to do video session only at this time. I a straight forward type of therapist that wants you to have the life you want.  If this sounds like something you want to work towards feel free to call, email, or you can book a free check in called "talked to me" under services.

Email: ronicaclark@getpeaceofmindtherapy.com



My therapy sessions are designed to dissect personal issues and provide patients with effective tools to help them unnecessary stress. Coaching session to help you in the hump in your life to get to the place you want



Sometime we need a little help to get through the hard part of our lives or just changing the bad parts of our lives. I would love to help you in your time of  need to have a better life and get some peace of mind. I have a background in dealing with people in crisis, family relationship issues and with drug abuse issues/management. I am primary a solution-focused in the type of therapy I like to use with a mix of person focused. Generally  I have helped people with the managing of their depression, anxiety, helping with low self esteem, codependent tendencies  and with feeling of displacement in life. The one thing I have learn is that people need to learn to have patience for themselves. Patience for their feelings, with their health, for their crisis to pass, and patience for being human. I'm standing by to help you.