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5 Step To Manage Your "Anger"

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

The reason why I dislike anger management is because it's completely inaccurate or just incomplete. If a person has a hard time managing their anger that's not the only emotion this person has a hard time managing. A person that has a hard time managing their anger will also have a hard time managing their sadness, grief, excitement and every heighten emotional stated they feel. That bit of information is all well and good; so …. now what would a person do with this information? Change the term and start using it from that “anger management” to “emotional management” to learn how to manage to emotions. This term I like to use is a bit different from how other people use it. Most people when they think of emotional management, they think it a way to mask their feelings. However, it a way to understand their emotional state and respond (not react) to it.

Learning how to understand what you're feeling is very important skill in life. The reason being is so much is because many times we really act out of our emotional stated and never really realize it. Again, there's this there's this narrative that if you are emotional, you are weak. And people who are non-emotional are very strong, and they're very put together. The problem is people don't understand what emotions are and how they are used in everyday life. Emotions are your personal interpretation of your environment. The ability to understand what you are feeling, label it, and tie it to a situation can help you navigate the situation better. A question that many make be asking at this point is how? Many people tend to have a situation happen to them, they feeling something, and then they react. The reaction may or may not be an appropriate for the situation. This is how some people may take a trip out of not where, shave their head, get a tattoo, get scam, or punch a wall. it's very important to really understand your emotions because like it or not we use them for decisions.

How are some ways we can understand our emotional state and use it to make better decisions?

Here a step by step (note there is also a worksheet)

1. Look at a feelings wheel. There is one attached to the blog

2. Figure out what you are feeling by looking at the feeling wheel.

3. Tie you feeling to a situation that had trigger your feelings.

4. Figure out if you can change the situation or not

5. You are now free to take the best actions to help your situation.

Feelings wheel
Download PDF • 19KB

What are you Feeling worksheet
Download PDF • 65KB



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