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So What, Then What, Now What ( 3 Stages of Life Crisis)

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

life crisis

What do I mean the different stages of a life crisis? Well a lot of people are going to have a mid (about 50-60 age range) or quarter ( about 35-45 age range) life crisis, and the reason why are in the article. If I had to sum up the stages of life we go through before we hit a life crisis it would be one of two paths. So what. Then what. And lastly the crisis now what? Many times we live life for other people and what is expected of us. Not what do we want? When we get to the pinnacle of what others expect of us, or what society expects of us we then get suck in life. The reason being is because we did not actively choose what we did. We let other choose for us. We let people, place, or things dictate what we should or shouldn't do and then. We became stuck. We became unable to for forward in our lives because we are stuck on what other want for use. Now what do we want for ourselves?

What are the Three stages?

One of the stages is So What?

This could be the party lifestyle. I'm doing drugs. so what? I'm drinking. so what? I'm running the streets. so what? I'm having multiple sexual partners. so what? However, after a while that lifestyle catches up with you. What do you do when the party stop, the music ends, the boys or girls leave? What do you do when you are by yourself and everyone left you alone? Here a start of life crisis.

Second stage is Then What?

This stage is for the overachievers. People who are always on the go. They have a list of everything they need to do in this lifetime authored by everyone else. This stage start with going to college to be (whatever it is) or trade school to be (whatever it is). Then what? I'm gonna get a promotion. Then what? I'm going to get married and have children. Then what? I'm going to buy a house. Then what? Then what do you do when the list ends? What are you going to do when you check everything off that list that was handed to you to be successful. Or worse yet what do you do when you lost everything you every build because life happens? Here the start of another life crisis.

The stage where it end is Now What?

I did all the partying, drinking, and drugging. Now what? I did the list that was handed to me to be all I can be. Now what? Now who are you after you did all of that? Do you know who you are? Did you do everything you wanted to do, or did you do that other people told you to do? Are you happy? Are you satisfied with life? If you don't know the answer to these questions after doing the playbook other people handed to you. How about looking into yourself, and seeing what do you want to do with your life. What do you want to do that you have been scared of doing? What did you want to do when you were studying, partying, or being the caretaker? If social or pressure from the family wasn't there what would you do? That is where you can start when the "now what?" is there after the list is gone and the partying is down. I hope you can get on the path of your now what. If you need help go to a webinar, take a course, I do counseling, therapy and coaching. I hop you have a good week and see you next time.

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