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1 Lesson on Negative Self Talk

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

self talk

Negative self talk is a form of self sabotage. What do I mean by negative self talk? Negative self talked is that little voice in your head when you are unsure about yourself. It is that little voice that tells you that you should not do something. It is that little voice that criticizes, belittles, demeans, or just makes us feel yucky. Over all negative self talk keeps us in toxic cycle in our life or stuck in life. What is the reason we talk negatively to ourselves? We are scared of success. Or better yet we are scared of what it would look like to actually be in a different situation than we are now (because of the devil you know). We also have to look at what we see as true about ourselves and how it hold us and how others view us. We will often time tell ourselves that "I'm not good enough" or "It's never be me" and than with follow that inter talk and not do what ever it was good for us. Self sabotage can be words, thoughts, and actions we let get our way of being everything we can be . Working on self talk, negative thoughts, and actions can help us get to the next stage in life. If you need a little help you can download my free negative self talk book or talk my negative self talked course (How do I Talk to Myself Nicely).

If you want help with your negative self talk download the negative self talk book

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