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Emerging Stronger: Redefining Your Self After Toxic Relationships


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60 Minutes

About the Course

In every walk of life, we encounter relationships that shape us. However, not all relationships contribute positively to our growth; some are toxic and can leave us feeling drained, unworthy, and uncertain about our futures. Identifying and moving beyond such relationships is crucial for our well-being and personal development.
Join us for an empowering webinar, "Emerging Stronger: Redefining Your Self After Toxic Relationships," designed to guide you through understanding, identifying, and navigating away from toxic relationships towards a healthier, happier you. This webinar is perfect for anyone feeling lost after being trapped in a toxic relationship. This webinar can also be your start to re-understanding yourself a toxic relationship, or simply looking to understand more about maintaining healthy interpersonal dynamics.
(Don't forget to sign up by following the link and only 25 out of the 100 tickets are free and most people sign up for the meet up and not follow the links to get the tickets. So there may be free tickets left so check.)
In this webinar, you will:
• Understand Toxicity: Dive deep into what makes a relationship toxic, including warning signs and the psychological impact on individuals.
• Self-Reflection and Awareness: Learn how to self-reflect on your relationship patterns, understand your worth, and recognize when it’s time to draw boundaries.
• Strategies for Healing: Discover effective strategies for emotional healing and rebuilding your self-esteem after leaving a toxic relationship.
• Setting Boundaries: Gain insights on how to set healthy boundaries in future relationships, including practical communication tips.
• Reclaiming Your Self: Explore methods to reclaim your independence, self-identity, and confidence post-toxic relationship.
• Q&A Session: Have your questions answered during a live Q&A.
We look forward to helping you embark on a journey of healing, growth, and self-discovery. Register today to take the first step towards reclaiming your power and crafting a life filled with healthy, fulfilling relationships.

Your Instructor

Ronica Clark, LMFT 103244

Ronica Clark, LMFT 103244
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