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1 Sure Fire Way to Tells if Your Boundaries are Being Crossed

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Everyone knows that it is important to set and keep boundaries. However, every make not know what a crossed boundary is and what it keeps like. I'm going to help you out. How can you tell quickly that your boundaries had bee crossed? There is a super simple way of seeing if knowing if a person has crossed your boundaries.

When someone is making a request of you and does your body feel pleasant or unpleasant? Answer that question. Our feelings tells us if there is something wrong with our environment o if something could harm us. We understand boundaries are there to keep our person safe. When a person ask you to do something and you do not like how that request is feeling. It most likely going to cross your boundaries. However because gaslight and other manipulations you make not be connected to yourself. You can leave your situation below or contact me or take my course of emotions.


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