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Anxiety and Depressed Get a Bad Wrap Because It's Normal

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Anxiety is one of those feeling that give us that pens and needles. Depression is that feeling that puts in us in bed for the week. The problem is that we think that we just that special to be the only one dealing with it. That is the problem because we do not talk to others about our anxiety and depression (and how it show up for us). Not all anxiety looks the same and not all depression looks the same (however they feel about the same). Anxiety and depression is not some freak of nature. These state of beings are completely normal It's not something that's not supposed to happen. What anxiety is your fight or flight response, responding to something that's not going to kill you. Depression on the other hand is like a hibernation response responding, again happening when it there is not lack of food, resources, or winter. These things are meant for us to survive as a species. However our brains are a little bit to smart for its own good and therefore things like anxiety and depression will happen out side of a time when it's needed. my goal as a therapist to help you manage those symptoms so they can work when they're supposed to. If you would like to start managing your anxiety and depression you can start with a course or start with a try me session.


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