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If You are Living You are Growing

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

you are growing

There is no life hack for growing pains. You are growing physically or mentally. If you are working toward being your best self at any given time. As long as you're alive and on this path you are going to have some emotional pains. As long as you're transitioning from one thing to the next; whether it's from no children to children, single to relationship, relationships to no relationship, there's going to be some emotional pain. There is no hacking this pain, it's a part of being human. Why is pain physical, emotional, etc. part of being human? The reason is because it keeps us safe. The pain we feel as humans help us learn our limits and when we are in danger. It also helps us know where we need to grow as a person. Even if we try our best not to change we are going to feel pain because we need to grow (damn if you do or damn if you don't). You are going to have some pain in life because we are human, however learning to manage it can make all the difference. The ways you learn to manage can take many forms. You can read self help books. You can go to a life coach, therapist, other mental health professional to help with the transitions that are more than can bear. Growing Pains generally help us grow. And ultimately, if you need a little help with it, get it. You don't have to be in pain because you are stuck in life and you don't have to suffer transitioning in it. Reach out for help.

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