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Self Care Is for Self (3 Steps to Make Time)

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

self care

Self Care is for the betterment of self. It's how you fill your cup. What do I mean by fill your cup? Think of your body like a cup and as long as your cup is full you can go about your day like nothing wrong. The more we do the things we have to do in our lives the less water we have in our cup. Soon our body because tired and we just become a slow and irritable. What do we need to do with we become like this? We need to take time for self, but the problem is there is never time for ourselves...seemly. We do have time for work, for children (if you have them), for a partner (if you have them), for everyone else. How come we don't take the time for ourselves? We put everything and everyone in front of use because they "depend on us" however what if we burn out and fail. The people who depend on us will have nothing to depend on. Do you need help making time for yourself? Try using this steps.

Step 1. Time or Money. Look at your schedule and really look at it. Do you do everything in your schedule? or is there things in your schedule you do not want to do? Everything in this world take your time or your money. If you don't like giving your time to something think of giving your money to it instead.

Step 2. Set time out of your time. What do you like to do and how much time do you need for it? Like others who have for a specific amount of time in your life. You need to ask for a specific amount of your own time. If you spend an hour in the gym (set an hour), If you want time to read (set time for it), what ever you want to do with your time set an amount for it . for things you would like to do in your life.

Step 3. Do Not Let Other People Take You Time. When you give your time to others people, places, or things; you don't let others take from them. Therefore don't let others take the time you give yourself away from you. You are just as important as the things that demand time from your.

Self care is to keep you a float from stress of life. You give your time away to others and keep none for yourself. Learning to keep some of your time to recharge you batteries. When you give all you time to people, places, or things (you do or don't want to do ). You drain your batteries use these three steps to help you make time and keep your time. If you want a blog post on your mental health issue or just want to post a question contact me with your question. Hopefully this brings you peace of mind and hopefully you have a good day or a good week. Hope to write soon.

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