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Self Care Tip (You Are A Person Too) Part 1

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

self care

In the time of COVID and everyone is working from home. I feel like we need the self care tips that you can use. Tip one you are a person too so look nice for yourself. I'm here to say that you do not have to be somewhere or go somewhere or see somebody to dress up. You can sit in your home all day every day and never go outside. You can go nowhere and look your best and feel your best. You do not have to have a special occasion to use the good plates (or real plates) . You do not have to wait for something special to do something special.

Why am I saying this for self care? The reason is simple because if you are the only person you see on a day to day. If the only person you see (which is you) on a day to day doesn't look good how would you feel? If the only person you see doesn't eat well because there no one "special" to eat it with. What are you telling yourself about how much you are worth? For your mental health. Look nice and do nice things for yourself just because.

You can do something special for yourself just because you are you and you are worth it. You not have believe you are worth in the moment. You can just act like you are worth it until you believe it. If you have any questions you want answer just send me a question and I will make a blog post about it (will not use any identifying information).

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