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The Toxic Person Will Always Be Toxic

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Hi everyone I hope you looking for the answer to the question if I should keep trying to "fix them". I think it is important for people to understand if a person who has always treated you badly, always judgmental toward you, bullying you, etc. However you want to be the person there when they get it and stop because "that person" and be the person you know they could be. There is a big problem with this type of thinking it is that you don't count what that person wants in their life. That person is going to be that trifling, bad bullying you toxic person because that's how they want to be in your life. If they person decides to be different then they would however they make never want to be. Ultimately, we need to learn to stop expecting good things from toxic people. Like they're always going to be toxic (as long as the want to be). A toxic person is going to be a toxic person. Just let them be and please just let that toxic person go or block them if they keep coming back. It will save you a bunch of time and a headache. I hope this helps and gives you a little peace of mind of the day. If you need tips on how to keep boundaries with that toxic person in your life you can sign up for a free 20 minutes (talk to me) session or set up a coaching session if you don't want to do therapy.

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