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You Have To Make Time

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

make time

A lot of people come to therapy to me saying that I'm so burnt out. Some the reason people are burned out is because they are taking care of other people. They are taking care of their mother, brother, sister, cousin, family member, work etc. Worst yet they are taking care of toxic mother, brother, sister, cousin, family member, work etc. That means you are giving a lot of your energy to other people, places and things and not giving anything to yourself. Then people come back to that in therapy is that "I really have no time for myself". However you able to make time to fulfill someone else needs. If you have time to give to others that means you have time for yourself; however that means others get less of you (that's ok). What will happen if you're no longer able to be there for another person (adult)? They will find someone else. However if you don't take care of yourself? Your health will decline. What happens with your health decline? What if you are unable to take care of your children or pets (if you have them). What if you are unable to pay your bills. Are you sure that the people you put before yourself will come to help you? If the answer is no that should be a clue to put yourself first. Then want ever time is left over give to others. If other people cut you out of their life, or stop hanging out with you. That show you that they didn't care about you as much as you cared for them. It's better to be a healthy you (mentally, emotionally, and physically) then be a resentful person. Hopefully this brings you peace of mind and if you feel you need help setting boundaries. Contact me. You can leave an email, or get a free 20 minutes session to see if therapy or coaching a good fit.

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